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the 8th edition is here. we are coming back.

we are proud to announce that the COLONY winter dance summit from now on is becoming a part of the international European dance network STUDIOTRADE. It will be a platform for individuals and dance art to discover and be discovered.

don’t hesitate, be discovered.

Nida, February 13-19, 2023.

we are back to re-search, re-imagine, re-think, re-treat, and re-create PEACE-full grounds for exchange and development.

program ☞ it’s very full and soon to be announced.

registration ☞ we know, you are excited, it will start any time.

I N T E R N A T I O N A L.

Studiotrade, founded in 2010, is a European cooperation network of choreographers, producers, and dance organizations from 7 countries. It enables an international exchange of studio facilities for research, creation and introduction to new markets and contexts for dance artists.

The philosophy of the network is based on trust, fairness, generosity, and comprehensive commitment. The networking of the guest artists with the guest scene is an essential part of the cultural exchange.

Since 2014, Studiotrade offers within the framework of European main events such as the Festival de Danse de Cannes Côte d’Azur, Euroscene Leipzig, and recently the biannual festival Sharing Across Borders in Cologne, platforms combining choreographic performances and dance films projections which value the work of its members and its new development model.

A B O U T.

The annual dance intensive platform aims to inhabit creative ideas and possibilities for dance professionals by inviting creative movers to gather in the middle of the natural paradise of Nida (Lithuania). The past two years were challenging for the world but 2023 is here and we are ready to safely re-imagine, re-think, re-treat, and re-create PEACE-full grounds for all of us.

2021 was about finding that extra ROOM for new ideas and movement experiences to be inhabited into our mind, body, soul, and artistic carrier.

2022 was about the re-UNION with own and other bodies, with own and other ideas whilst researching what others have to share in the room, not on screen.

2023 is about common action toward a peaceful body and mind.

We are ready to meet. You.

Dance Colony is a search and research platform for previously undiscovered movement territories and body landscapes, a chance to forge new friendships, meet other movement professionals, be inspired by creative thinkers and golden tips shared by the dance producers, and overall enrich oneself with a help of dance in a week-long dance-away experience. Each year we look for inspiring methods to cross the border: physical, mental, linguistic, cultural, artistic, pushing boundaries, connecting and inspiring us – the people of all nationalities and creative backgrounds.

We are here to design our professional capacities and advance our creative souls and professional networks further. We truly believe that our Creative Minds inhabit our Intelligent Bodies.

This year’s colonizers will be safely curated towards full body and mind experience by our international movement explorers and teachers from Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, and Lithuania. Join us for a weeklong groove.

winter dance summit

• The ability to join the C O L O N Y for a whole WEEK (Monday-Sunday) or join for a WEEKEND (Thursday-Sunday);
• Dance workshops taught by international dance and movement professionals;
• Creative Self-management session;
• Gaga dancers and improvisation sessions;
• Contemporary dance sessions;
• Hip-Hop dance sessions;
• House dance sessions;
• Choreography and Movement research sessions;
• Methods of choreography enabling dancers to work beyond their movement patterns and get out of their comfort zone;
• The method of “Condensing Movements”
• A Week revolving around dance, your carefully guided dance exploration in search of reunion of your body and mind. You will be able to concentrate on working on your body, mind, and professional development which we agree to call – dance. Exploring our creative capabilities and finding new comrades among the like-minded individuals attending the C O L O N Y;
• Peer to Peer mental exchange session;
• Honest advice along with your career by dance professionals: choreographers, dancers, dance curators, and producers;
• Dietary specially planned and curated by a professional chef;
• The Library full of inspiring readings around art and creativity.