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winter dance summit


The annual dance intensive aims to inhabit even more creative ideas and possibilities for dance professionals therefore it is ready to become a Winter Dance Summit. Usually, we do gather in the middle of the natural paradise of Nida (Lithuania), due to challenging restrictions related to COVID-19 which are still in place we are unable to accommodate you with us this year. But every possible challenge comes along with a possibility to find a creative solution.

We are happy to announce – C O L O N Y | winter dance summit | room edition is here. Will you still have some room for more good stuff? 2021 here we go! 2021 is about finding that extra ROOM for new professional ideas and movement experiences to be inhabited into your mind, body, soul, and artistic carrier.

As in previous years, 2021 is not an exception! The dance and creative beings are invited to colonize the space around and within us. The ROOM – the domestic resources, including the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen, all of which are going to be used to advance our creative souls and professional networks further. We truly believe that our Creative Minds inhabit our Intelligent Bodies with all that goodness.

Dance Colony is a search and the research platform for previously undiscovered movement territories and body landscapes, a chance to forge new friendships, to meet other movement professionals, to be inspired by creative thinkers and golden tips shared by the dance producers, overall to enrich oneself with a help of dance in four days long dance-away experience. Each year we look for inspiring methods to cross the border: physical, mental, linguistic, cultural, artistic, pushing boundaries connecting/inspiring us – the people of all nationalities and creative backgrounds.

winter dance summit

• Dance workshops for the whole weekend taught by management, dance, and movement professionals;
• Gaga and Movement Lab practices, contemporary and urban dance class, work-field coaching, and self-management session;
• The ability to join the C O L O N Y for a whole weekend (Friday-Sunday) or join a single class;
• Weekend revolving around dance, your guided preparation for the end of the isolation. You will be able to concentrate on working on your body, mind, and professional development which we agree to call – dance. Exploring our creative capabilities and finding new comrades among the like-minded individuals attending the C O L O N Y | room edition; 
• Live Dj evening sets streamed to your room;
• Peer to Peer mental exchange session;
• Honest advice along with your career by dance professionals: choreographers, dancers, dance curators, and managers.