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žiemos šokio susitikimas

9 šokio Kolonija jau čia.
Nida, vasario 12-18 d., 2024

DANCE COLONY – the festival where urban dance vocabulary meets performance and contemporary dance. You will have the opportunity to dance and learn from inspiring teachers, artists and choreographers from all over the Europe, that are coming together to share their passion and knowledge with your will to grow in an artsy studio environment, settled in the surroundings of UNESCO-protected nature of Nida, Lithuania.

COLONY Winter Dance Summit is a part of the international European dance network Studiotrade. It is a platform for individuals in dance to discover and be discovered.
don’t hesitate, be discovered.
we are back to research, re-imagine, re-think, re-treat and re-create ourselves for exchange and artistic development.

I N T E R N A T I O N A L.

Studiotrade, founded in 2010, is a European cooperation network of choreographers, producers and dance organizations from all over the Europe. It enables an international exchange of studio facilities for research, creation and introduction to new markets and contexts for dance artists.
The philosophy of the network is based on trust, fairness, generosity and comprehensive commitment. The networking of the guest artists with the local scene is an essential part of the cultural exchange.
Since 2014, Studiotrade has offered opportunities within the framework of European dance events such as the Festival de Danse de Cannes Côte d’Azur, Euroscene Leipzig, Sharing Across Borders in Cologne, Nice Dance Film Festival and more. Platforms combine choreographic performances and dance film projections that value the work of its members and its new development model.

A B O U T.

The annual dance-intensive festival aims to inhabit creative ideas and possibilities for dance professionals by inviting creative movers to gather in the middle of the natural paradise of Nida, Lithuania.

2021 was about finding that extra ROOM for new ideas and movement experiences to be inhabited into our mind, body, soul, and artistic carrier.

2022 was about the re-UNION with own and other bodies, with own and other ideas whilst researching what others have to share in the room, not on screen.

2023 was about a common action toward a peaceful body and mind.

In 2024 we are eager to CREATE. One of this year’s highlights is a 5-day creation project aiming for performance with selected movers who will be guided and choreographed by thriving dancers and choreographers. This year we will create with Victor Rottier (The Netherlands).

We are ready to start a performance project with you. What about you?

An important part of the Colony – artistic development. This year COLONY hosts 2 selected artists in residency:


Artists in residency will be presenting their artistic results together with the creation project performance on Sunday, the last day of the COLONY. Be there, it’s free and open.

Dance COLONY is a search and bodily research platform for previously undiscovered movement territories and body landscapes, a chance to forge new friendships, meet other movement professionals, be inspired by creative thinkers and golden tips shared by the dance producers and overall enrich oneself with a help of dance in a week-long dance-away experience. Each year we look for inspiring methods to cross the border: physical, mental, linguistic, cultural, artistic, pushing boundaries, connecting and inspiring us – the people of all nationalities and creative backgrounds. We are here to design our professional capacities and advance our creative souls and professional networks further. We truly believe that our Creative Minds inhabit our Intelligent Bodies.

This year’s colonizers will be curated towards full body and mind experience by our international movement explorers and teachers from Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Lithuania. Join us for a week-long groovy experience.

žiemos šokio susitikimas

• Galimybė prisijungti prie K O L O N I J O S visai SAVAITEI (pirmadienis-sekmadienis) arba prisijungti SAVAITGALIUI (ketvirtadienis-sekmadienis);
• Šokio dirbtuvės, kurias veda tarptautiniai šokio ir judesio profesionalai;
• Kūrybinis savivadybos užsiėmimas;
• Gaga ir judėjimo tyrinėjimų sesijos;
• Šiuolaikinio šokio formų sesijos;
• Floor work technikos sesijos;
• House šokio sesijos;
• Jazz Fusion šokio sesijos;
• Choreografijos ir judesio tyrinėjimo sesijos;
• Choreografiniai metodai, įgalinantys ir išlaisvinantys šokėjus išeiti iš savo judėjimo komforto zonos ribų;
• Savaitė, besisukanti aplink šokį, kruopščiai lydimas šokio tyrinėjimas ieškant kūno ir proto susijungimo. Galėsite susikoncentruoti ties savo kūno, proto ir profesinio tobulėjimo darbu, kurį sutinkame vadinti šokiu. Ištirti savo kūrybines galimybes ir rasti naujų bendraminčių tarp bendraminčių, dalyvaujančių K O L O N I J O J E;
• „Peer to Peer“ minčių mainų sesija;
• Nuoširdūs šokio profesionalų patarimai jūsų karjerai: choreografai, šokėjai, šokio kuratoriai ir prodiuseriai;
• Specialiai profesionalaus virėjo suplanuota ir kuruojama dieta;
• Biblioteka, pilna įkvepiančių skaitymų apie meną ir kūrybą.